Herbs & Vegetables

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Our herbs and vegetables are all neonicotinoid free.

Organic Herbs, 3.5" pots

Basil, Sweet

Rutgers Passion, mildew resistant



Deer Resistant


Deer Resistant

NEW - Lemon Thyme

Deer Resistant

Fruits & Vegetables in 3.5" pots unless noted

University of Minnesota Extension: Growing Peppers

Red Knight, bell, 3 Pack

NEW- Candy Cane

(Sweet) 3 Pack

NEW - Snackabelle Red, mini (Sweet) , 3 Pack

Anaheim, mildly hot, 3 Pack

Jalapeño, hot,

3 Pack

University of Minnesota Extension: "Growing tomatoes in home gardens"

Better Boy, Slicing, ☀️ Full Sun

Sweet 100, Cherry, ☀️ Full Sun

Early Girl, Slicing, ☀️ Full Sun

Roma - San Marzano Cooking/Canning, ☀️ Full Sun